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Thailand Weather: The Best Time To Visit

  One of the many perks of travelling to Thailand? The year-round warmth. Sometimes it is steaming, others a bit wet, sometimes sticky,...

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10 Reasons Thailand Is Backpacker's Paradise

Thailand, for so many reasons, is paradise for backpackers of all experience levels. The white beaches, mouth-watering food and endless...

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Connecting Tour Planning Guide

You can now begin your travel journey with Backpacking Tours in three different countries: Thailand, Vietnam, or Cambodia. That's three...

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Spending Money On Tour

We get a lot of questions about spending money while on tour. Both how much to bring and how to bring it along. Basically all your big-...

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The Full Moon Party Experience

Whatever you’ve heard about Thailand's infamous Full Moon Party is probably true. Each month, anywhere from 10,000-30,000 thrill-seeking...

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What To Expect On Your Thailand Tour

Thailand checks all the must-have boxes for backpackers; cheap, beautiful, safe, and never, ever cold. You might have seen...

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