About Us

Backpacking is a beautiful, life-altering experience. The Land of Smiles - as Thailand is appropriately dubbed - is a white-sand, culturally fascinating, photo-perfect paradise. Our passion (and mission) is to put them both together and offer you the thrilling adventure of backpacking through this country with other people from all around the world.

We’ve been there. It’s not easy to finally make the decision to book that flight and head off to a faraway place. That’s why here at Backpacking Through Thailand we’re all about making that decision just a little bit more simple, easy, and stress-free. 

This tour, like all of our tours, has been hand-made by our staff. This is the same customer service staff that will be there to answer any questions you have about the tour itself. We have lived and travelled this country for the better part of a decade and this itinerary is a culmination of all of our favourite experiences. We strayed from the same beaten tourist routes, got lost on purpose just to see what we could find, and scoured the country for as many unique activities, beautiful beaches, and hidden places that we could fit into three weeks.

For us, it is all about letting all you curious travellers that want to experience Thailand, experience Thailand the best way possible - with an incredible bunch of like-minded travellers.


Your Comfort Comes First


As with Backpacking Through Vietnam, we hold our accommodation to a certain standard of comfort. Your comfort while on tour with us is regarded first and foremost. No dingy hostels, ever. No squeaky, rock-hard bunk beds. No sleepless nights in a noisy room full of people. And because we visited each hotel ourselves and arranged reduced-rate contracts at each location, you can enjoy a bit of comfort when your head hits the pillow for the same rate most backpackers are paying to share a 12-person dorm room. We're firm believers that there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the spontaneity of a backpacking journey through Thailand with an added bit of comfort along the way.